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Real-Time Impedance Checking System
  • Impedance level may vary in each patients and targeted area.
  • INTRAcel PRO™ monopolar technology enables you to irradiate the substantially equal energy on the treatment area by ‘Real-Time Impedance matching System.’
  • Therefore, the clinical efficacy would be more consistent and reliable.

Benefits of INTRAcel PRO™ Melasma Treatment.

It has much less chance of getting rebound.
  • Specialized Parameter for the freckles and flushing will be provided to secure safety.
  • No need to worry about skin type, same parameter is to be used upon skin condition, not type.
  • RF Selective Thermolysis is using different conductivity of each cell area
Less pain with new 16 Pin Non-Insulated Micro-Needle Tip

What is RF Selective Thermolysis?

  • When Pulsed RF is used to the tissue, RF Selective Thermolysis is to be happen, due to the different conductivity of each area.
  • Therefore, even though same amount of currency is used, different reaction is expected.
  • When certain Pulsed RF is used, it will not effect to the collagen in dermis, but it will effect to vascular endothelial cell and basement membrane zone.
  • Since it will only effect cells around vessels, clinically anti-angiogenetic effect is to be happen, proven by animal test.

3 Different Tips to treat different depth and symptoms.

FRM (Bipolar) FRM (Monopolar) SRR (Superficial Rejuvenation)
Emission Area Narrow Wide, Deep Narrow, Shallow
Target Dermis Mid-dermis Epidermis
Recommendation Depth 0.8 - 1.5 mm 0.8 mm -
Treatment Interval 4 - 5 Weeks 3 Weeks 1 Week
Recovery Time 48 Hours 24 Hours 12 Hours
Application Wrinkles / Pores / Acne / Scar Fine Wrinkles / Tightening Periorbital Wrinkles / Rejuvenation
FRM (Bipolar)
Emission Area Narrow
Target Dermis
Recommendation Depth 0.8 - 1.5 mm
Treatment Interval 4 - 5 Weeks
Recovery Time 48 Hours
Application Wrinkles / Pores / Acne / Scar
FRM (Monopolar)
Emission Area Wide, Deep
Target Mid-dermis
Recommendation Depth 0.8 mm
Treatment Interval 3 Weeks
Recovery Time 24 Hours
Application Fine Wrinkles / Tightening
SRR (Superficial Rejuvenation)
Emission Area Narrow, Shallow
Target Epidermis
Recommendation Depth -
Treatment Interval 1 Week
Recovery Time 12 Hours
Application Periorbital Wrinkles / Rejuvenation

Clinically Proven

  • INTRAcel™ 49 Tip INTRAcel™ SRR Tip
  • Collagen damage is repaired with time

    * Neocollagenesis & Neoelastogenesis

  • INTRAcel™ 49 Tip INTRAcel™ SRR Tip
  • * Neocollagenesis & Neoelastogenesis

    Collagen damage is repaired with time
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